Investigating the Best Day Trip Locations: Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Jaipur

by Peter

Taking a break from the daily grind has become crucial for rejuvenation in today’s fast-paced environment. Day trips are the ideal getaway since they let you relax and make treasured memories without the need for a lengthy vacation. In this post, we’ll look at several amazing day outing in Kolkata, tranquil day-trip resorts in Jaipur, and day-trip resorts in Hyderabad, which all promise a fun-filled and relaxing day.

Day Trip from Kolkata:

Kolkata, often known as the “City of Joy,” is renowned for its rich culture, interesting history, and kind people. But did you know that it also provides a number of fantastic day trip destinations for people seeking to get away from the rush of city life?

Eco Park: 

A big green sanctuary that provides a variety of activities, Eco Park is one of the most well-liked day outing in Kolkata. You can enjoy lake boating, go through themed gardens, and even go on a thrilling treetop trek.

Nicco Park: 

Nicco Park is a great option if you’re traveling with your family. It is the perfect location for a day of fun with loved ones because it has exhilarating coasters, a water park, and lovely landscaped gardens.


Situated on the Hooghly River’s banks, Raichak is a quiet choice for people looking for a peaceful escape. Spend a leisurely day at one of the quaint riverfront lodges, go boating, or just unwind by the water.

Jaipur resorts for day trips:

Resorts in Jaipur for day outing, is renowned for its regal past and splendor. It’s a great place for lengthy holidays, but it also has some wonderful resorts that are great for day trips.

The Tree House Resort is a beautiful retreat located not far from Jaipur, tucked away in the Aravalli Hills. Spend the day relaxing in treehouse villas, treating yourself to spa services, and indulging in delectable cuisine.

The Raj Palace is a historical gem if you’re searching for a taste of royalty. Spend the day wandering the lavish palace, appreciating the design, and enjoying a royal meal.

Samskara Resort & Spa: This resort combines contemporary conveniences with old-world charm. Swim in the pool, unwind in the spa, and indulge in regional specialties while surrounded by lush greenery.

Daytrip Hotels in Hyderabad:

Day outing resorts in Hyderabad, which is well-known for its Nizami culture and mouthwatering biryani, also has some great day-trip resorts.

The expansive resort known as Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts is a calm haven in the middle of Hyderabad. Play a round of golf, indulge in delectable Andhra food, and unwind in the tranquil setting.

Golkonda Resorts & Spa: 

If you’re looking for adventure, this is the spot for you. It’s ideal for individuals who are looking for a little thrill because it offers activities like zip-lining and ATV rides.

Lahari Resorts is a tranquil retreat that is tucked away by the Osman Sagar Lake. Spend the day swimming, going down water slides, or taking a leisurely boat trip.


these resorts and day-trip locations in Kolkata, Jaipur, and Hyderabad offer a variety of experiences and can accommodate different tastes. These locations have what you’re searching for, whether you want adventure, relaxation, or a combination of the two. So, take a break from your regular schedule, organize a day trip, and make wonderful memories in these energetic cities.

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